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Posted on September 24, 2020

Camano Water Association

Water System Technician

Camano Water Association (CWA) is looking to fill the role of Water System Technician/Operator.

This job description is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an employment agreement. The purpose of this policy is to outline the job summary, major responsibilities, experience, training, and work environment for the Camano Water Association (CWA) Water System Technician / Operator. It is not possible to include all work duties in this job description, therefore all tasks that are within the scope and spirit of the job are expected to be undertaken as needed.

The Water System Technician / Operator under the direction of the Operations Manager is responsible for routine operations, systems operations and maintenance, system and support equipment maintenance, sampling, customer service, and regulatory compliance. This position is a full-time non-exempt (hourly) employee who reports to the Operations Manager.


A. Routine Operations and Administration
• Order parts and control inventory.
• Maintain an inventory of service parts, main and distribution parts, and repair parts.
• Back up daily records to computer.

B. Systems Operations
• Read and record meter readings, well, treatment plant, service meters.
• Read meters in treatment plant and Well 5 if running.
• Read all source meters as well as vault meters; read pressure system meters; update database; inspect areas for downed trees, vandalism, anything out of the ordinary, and report incidents to the Operations Manager
• Read service meters.
• Fill salt hopper.
• Flush all dead-ends.
• Locate mains and services.
• Learn to install new services.
• Learn to troubleshoot and repair problems at treatment plant.
• Be on call every other weekend after the relevant training 24 hours per day, read meters, and maintain the system during that time.
• Maintain safe work practices and job safety standards for self and others on site.
• Learn to install backflow prevention assemblies and test when required.

C. System and Support Equipment Maintenance
• Clean and winterize all well houses.
• Clean and de-winterize all well houses.
• Flush mains as needed, schedule flushing, design flushing pattern.
• Clean treatment plant, help to maintain the grounds around the treatment plant.
• Clean shop.
• Take trash to dump.
• Learn to clean and adjust chlorine analyzer.
• Maintain chlorine injection system at treatment plant as well as chlorine pumps for Well 5, etc.
• Perform preventive maintenance on chlorinators, transfer pumps, trash pumps, pressure pumps.
• Repair leaks, maintain equipment and supplies, maintain building and grounds, maintain wells, valves, hydrants, and meters.
• Perform valve exercising on even years.
• Conduct hydrant maintenance on odd years.

D. Sampling
• Take chlorine sample(s) (weekdays).
• Take samples throughout the system for iron and manganese concentrations, update database monthly.
• Conduct various water tests: iron, manganese, chlorine, pH, hardness, etc., as needed.

E. Customer Service
• Interact with members about leaks, locates, and health concerns.
• Respond to customer complaints.
• Inform customers when system work affects them.

F. Regulatory Compliance
• Maintain certifications when obtained.
• to earn Continuing Educational Units (CEU) over a three year period.


A. Licenses and Certifications,
• Must have a current Washington State Driver’s License. Applicants must provide a current Washington State Patrol driving abstract.
• Have or are able to obtain one or more of the following within one year
• Cross Connection Control Specialist (CCS) Certification.
• Washington State Department of Health Backflow Tester (BAT) Certification.
• Washington State Department of Health Water Distribution Manager 2 (WDM2)
• Washington State Department of Health Water Treatment Plant Operator (WTPO1)
• First Aid card.

B. Skills and Experience
• Water system experience. (Preferred but not essential)
• Organizational and people skills.
• Familiar with MS Office.

C. Physical Ability
• Able to lift 50 pounds and carry for 100 feet also occasionally lift 100 pounds.
• Climb water towers up to 40 feet high.
• Able to work for long periods in cramped conditions.
• Able to walk and stand for long periods.
• Have good hand to eye coordination.
• Able to use a variety of hand and electrical tools.

CWA is a small water utility with few employees, serving just over 1200 members, located on Camano Island, Washington. The system and shop are small and operate in a very relaxed and casual manner, while offering a very high-quality service in an honest and straightforward manner.

The Water System Operator is a non-exempt (hourly) position. A typical schedule is based on five days per week, seven hours per day. Benefits are, paid vacation, paid sick leave, paid holidays, health care plan, and pension plan.